Gunatitanand Swamini Vato-AudioBook

સદ શ્રી ગુણાતીતાનંદસ્વામીની વાતો ( સ્વામીની વાતો ) MP3 Audio .Gunatitanad Swamini Vato

01 Ashirvachan
02 Mangalacharan
P-1, Vat-001 to 6
P-1, Vat-007 to 19
P-1, Vat-020 to 32
P-1, Vat-033 to 43
P-1, Vat-044 to 57
P-1, Vat-058 to 72
P-1, Vat-073 to 83
P-1, Vat-084 to 98
P-1, Vat-099 to 115
P-1, Vat-116 to 131
P-1, Vat-132 to 143
P-1, Vat-144 to 156
P-1, Vat-157 to 168
P-1, Vat-170 to 182
P-1, Vat-183 to 197
P-1, Vat-198 to 207
P-1, Vat-220 to 231
P-1, Vat-232 to 242
P-1, Vat-243 to 255
P-1, Vat-256 to 271
P-1, Vat-272 to 285
P-1, Vat-286 to 301
P-1, Vat-302 to 314
P-1, Vat-315 to 327
P-1, Vat-328 to 342
P-1,Vat- 208 to 219
P-2, Vat-001 to 3
P-2, Vat-004 to 7
P-2, Vat-008 to 11
P-2, Vat-012 to 14
P-2, Vat-015 to 17
P-2, Vat-018 to 19
P-2, Vat-020 to 23
P-2, Vat-024 to 27
P-2, Vat-028 to 31
P-2, Vat-032 to 35
P-2, Vat-036 to 39
P-2, Vat-040 to 32
P-2, Vat-043 to 45
P-2, Vat-046 to 49
P-2, Vat-050 to 53
P-2, Vat-054 to 56
P-2, Vat-057 to 59
P-2, Vat-060 to 62
P-2, Vat-063 to 66
P-2, Vat-068 to 69
P-2, Vat-070 to 72
P-2, Vat-073 to 74
P-3, Vat-001 to 4
P-3, Vat-005 to 13
P-3, Vat-014 to 22
P-3, Vat-023 to 37
P-3, Vat-037 to 45
P-3, Vat-046 to 57
P-3, Vat-058 to 66
P-3, Vat-067 to 77
P-3, Vat-078 to 88
P-3, Vat-089 to 102
P-3, Vat-103 to 112
P-3, Vat-113 to 125
P-3, Vat-126 to 139
P-3, Vat-140 to 155
P-3, Vat-156 to 168
P-3, Vat-169 to 177
P-3, Vat-178 to 192
P-4, Vat-001 to 2
P-4, Vat-003
P-4, Vat-004 to 5
P-4, Vat-006 to 8
P-4, Vat-009
P-4, Vat-010 to 11
P-4, Vat-012 to 14
P-4, Vat-015
P-4, Vat-016
P-4, Vat-017 to 18
P-4, Vat-019 to 22
P-4, Vat-023
P-4, Vat-024 to 26
P-4, Vat-027 to 28
P-4, Vat-029 to 30
P-4, Vat-031 to 33
P-4, Vat-034 to 35
P-4, Vat-036 to 38
P-5, Vat-001 to 8
P-5, Vat-009 to 16
P-5, Vat-017 to 21
P-5, Vat-022 to 25
P-5, Vat-026 to 33
P-5, Vat-034 to 42
P-5, Vat-043 to 46
P-5, Vat-047 to 52
P-5, Vat-053 to 55
P-5, Vat-056 to 62
P-5, Vat-063 to 66
P-5, Vat-067 to 70
P-5, Vat-071 to 74
P-5, Vat-075 to 79
P-5, Vat-080 to 83
P-5, Vat-084 to 87
P-5, Vat-088 to 91
P-5, Vat-092 to 96
P-5, Vat-097 to 101
P-5, Vat-107 to 111
P-5, Vat-111 to 115
P-5, Vat-116 to 124
P-5, Vat-125 to 131
P-5, Vat-132 to 140
P-5, Vat-141 to 149
P-5, Vat-150 to 158
P-5, Vat-159 to 165
P-5, Vat-166 to 172
P-5, Vat-173 to 180
P-5, Vat-181 to 187
P-5, Vat-188 to 197
P-5, Vat-198 to 204
P-5, Vat-205 to 212
P-5, Vat-213 to 217
P-5, Vat-218
P-5, Vat-219 to 225
P-5, Vat-226 to 232
P-5, Vat-239 to 245
P-5, Vat-245 to 253
P-5, Vat-254 to 262
P-5, Vat-263 to 273



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very good , thanks a lot for making such MP3. Jay Swaminarayan

Jay swaminarayan

Hello Jay Swaminarayan, I really enjoy the site and I notice need to improve the web sites. Thanks you, Rhaji Rah jo !

Jay shree swaminarayan first of all i would like to thank you for availing this kind of precious spiritual audio books free of cost to the satsangis and curious people at large the other plus point is that this is audio book so one can listen it anywhere one can not read the physical books anywhere so it adds to the convenience but one thing i like to through light is if with all this scattered link if the link forthe full bookbeing availed then it will be very nice once again thank you jay swaminarayan

I like this page

Jay swaminarayan, please add zip file for all mp3 files so i can download the full katha. Jay swaminarayan

Hello, I really appreciate this online presence of swami ni vato in Audio formate. Now i want to request you, may you please add one zip file, so we can down load all MP3 from one zip file. AS we seen about User Experience, then it really help for all , only in one click user able to download FULL AUDIO of swami ni VAto. Awaiting for your kind revert. Thanks. Jay swaminarayan!!

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