Vachanamrut Adhyayan

શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણ ગુરુકુલ મેમનગર અમદાવાદ - ની રવિવારની સભામાં વચનામૃત  ઉપર પુરાણી શ્રી હરિસ્વરુપદાસજી સ્વામીનું વિવેચનાત્મક પ્રવચન.








GP_0_Bhumika 38.1 MB 
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GP_71_72_2.mp3 53.3 MB 
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GP_73_2.mp3 66.1 MB 
GP_74_1.mp3 59.2 MB 
GP_75_1.mp3 64.7 MB 
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GP_78_2.mp3 69.8 MB 


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i am relay happy on this facility....All Katha download

jsn, i want whole vachnamrut mp3 cd can u send me?i want only hariswarupdasji vivechnatmak  vachanamrut .

Jay Swaminarayan If you need MP3 CD/DVD email at or You can right click and save the MP3 file from above link.

yes. It is available as mp3 CD on stall.

I really feel good and no-one analysysand explain on vachnamrut before Shri Hari swamiji jay swaminarayn

Jai swaminarayan, I downloded vachnamrut adhyayan gadhda pratham until 78 vachnamrut. I am very happy with this, but if i want to download all vachnamrut like loya, panchala,where i can get it???/i like hariswarupdasji's adhyayn. jai swaminarayan.

it's only up to Gadhada pratham only.

If i want whole vachnamrut cd or dvd is it available?????which city i can get it.

Jai swaminarayan, I really feel good & I am very very happy.I like Hariswarupdasji's all katha & especialy Vachanamrut Vivechan Katha. I want to all vachnamrut Mp3s, like loya, panchala,where can I get it? Can you sand me all? Whenever you get it, pl sand me all ? Thank you, Thank you once again. Bhavna Matholia (Canada,Toronto) jai swaminarayan.

Jai swaminarayan, I really feel good & I am very very happy.I like Hariswarupdasji's all katha & especialy Vachanamrut Vivechan Katha. I want to all vachnamrut Mp3s, like loya, panchala,where can I get it? Can you sand me all? Whenever you get it, pl sand me all ? Thank you, Thank you once again. Niranjan Shah jai swaminarayan

Thanks swamiji for blessing us via this link, I am a sailor and this will help me out at sea. Looking forward for further Vachanamruts.

Downlmad all hariswarup swamiji katha.jsw to all of u.

Jay Swaminarayan, P.P.Hariswarupdasji Swami is simply amazing. He is very detailed oriented. My humble request to him is to deliver the amrut vani as he has done for Gadhada Prathm for the rest of Vachanamruts. This is one of the best vachanamrut katha among all the Swaminarayan organizations. I gave this katha to my uncle who is not follwing swaminarayan sampraday, but he has been calling me for past more than 6 months to get the rest of the CDs. So, again, Swami please take some time out of your busy schedule and help us out. Thank you. Jay Swaminarayan

jay swa...

Jay Swaminarayan I am really thankful to all saints for disseminating the eternal knowledge to all bhaktas. Thank you again, Bhargav Bhatt



i am very happy after listen vachanamrut

Jay Swaminarayan swamiji.... swamiji mare Pooja vise j katha kari hoy e mare joi e che... Pooja nu importance aapda life ma su che e mare janvu che.. to reply aaposo ji... and audio/mp3/LInk j hoy te mokal so ji.....

go to - 6-Nitya Pooja

Hello, Can you send the whole vachnamrut CD set to Houston, USA. Let me know the price and shipping fees. Thank You.

katha like this never heard in 60 years

The Katha in DVD of Vachanamrut by Shri Hariswaroopdas swami and audio Katha on net by Shri hariswaroopdas swami in Vachanamryt adhayan is different ?

Thank you so much swami, by listening all above vachnamrut no one explain with geeta. when you say Maharaj, akshardham 2 forms and pasad all comes with maharaj. My understanding Maharaj is {shreeji maharaj acording to vachnamrut}Than who was sahajanand swami,swaminarayan bhagwan, what are the names of TWO akshar forms and names of all muktos as they came on this earth as human. UNDERSTAND GUJARATI BUT CANT READ

Excellent vachanamrut can I get CD ?

Jay swaminarayan. I download vachanamrut katha gadhada pratham until 78 vachanamrut. I am very happy with this. But if I want to download all vachanamrut katha like loya, panchala. where I can get it. I like hariswarupswamiji adhyan.


can i follow hariswarup swami katha on whatsup? send me whatsup no

follow katha and for katha whats app +919408125000

I have sen & heard vamdu sahjanamd by P.P.Hariswarupdas Swami and I found it excellet & never heard tjis type of explanation.

It is the best adhyan ever I heard. Really best

where i get bhagavat katha cd by p.p. hariswarup swami

and it should be in audio version

I enjoyed Katha (not completed yet).

Jay swaminarayan, Swami shree hariswarupdas ni amrut vani na salangpur ,kariyani,loya,panchala,vadtal,amdabad na vachnamrut na pravachan download karva mate link mokalva vinanti

Jay swaminarayan Swami shree hariswarupdasji na sarangpur,kariyani,loya ,panchala,vadtal,amdabad na pravachan download karva mate link mokalva vinanti

Very good

Please Hariswarup swami ne prarthana karjo ke ee emnu Moun tode, mane khabar che ke ee emna haath ma bi nathi etle purna purushottam swaminarayan bhagwan na charano ma prarthana karu chu. Sahajanand Swami maharaj ni jay

Jay shree swaminaryan. prathamna vachanmrut sambhaline jiv ma khub aanand thayo. maharajne prathana karie ke bakina vachanamrut no labh pujya swami pasethi bahu jaldi male...

Life changing explanation. I love it.

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