Vandu Sahajanand RasRup - Video

Vandu Sahanajand RasRup 
Orator : Purani Shree Hariswarupdasji Swami
Dvd - 1 to 16



Really great katha.. Bhagwan Swaminarayan Hariswaroop Swami ne avi katha karvanu vadhare baal apey eej prathna

very helpful to satsangi

Aa Katha ma last 3 pad ni katha na video kya thi prapt thse e janava vinanti.. Jay Swaminarayan

I am fortunate to have access to videos on discourses of respected Hariswarupdasji swami relayed by gvision (SGVP). I have completed listening to all 32 parts of Vandu Sahajanand today though internet, on the day of Gurupurnima. I being currently in Milan, Italy could not attend Gurupurnima celebrated at SGVP, Ahmedabad, but I bow down to him, pujya Puraniswami, pujya Balkrishnadasji swami, pujya Madhavpriydasji swami, pujrya Shriharidasji swami and all the saints and devotees on this auspicious occasion (12th July 2014). Now I will start listening to discourses on Kahat Hai Gunatit. Such discourses provide me strength and energy whenever I am away from home (Ahmedabad).

very good explanation of vandu sahajanand by hariswarup dasji swami. i watched on youtube. it looks like some videos are missing after number 32. how can i get access to those missing ones...????

vandu sahajanand rasrup youtube ma 32 part bakina part published karva vinanti sathe sgvp gurukul parivar,gvision & hariswarupdasji na charno ma koti koti vandan sathe sau ne jay swaminarayan

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